Maintenance and service

We are a competent and reliable partner when it comes to implementing the legal requirements for the maintenance of your medical devices. In accordance with legal requirements and regulations, we document and carry out the necessary maintenance and inspections for you. All data is transferred to the own IT system. The safety check (SC) can also be carried out in your company!

Excerpt from the MepV

Art. 20 Maintenance

  1. Anyone who uses medical devices as a specialist ensures that maintenance and the associated inspections are carried out in accordance with regulations.
  2. Maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with the principles of quality assurance, shall be planned and organised appropriately within the company and shall be directed in particular:
    a. according to the instructions of the person who first placed the product on the market;
    b. the risk inherent in the product and its use.
  3. The results of the maintenance and the associated inspections, defects and malfunctions found and measures taken shall be recorded for:
    a. active medical products;
    b. calibratable medical devices with measuring function;

Inspection, maintenance, repair

Our qualified, experienced medical technicians support you in the inspection, maintenance and repair of medical devices.