Marsden Bett-Waage M-950

Marsden Bett-Waage M-950

Portabel (600Kg oder 1000Kg)
Item no.

The M-950 bed weighing scale consists of four pads that are placed under the wheels of the bed, meaning the bed wont need to be moved from the room. A preset tare function allows the patient's weight to be accurately taken without having to remove the weight of the bed each time.

Bereich: 600Kg oder 1000Kg

The four pads are lightweight, too, meaning the M-950 is a portable bed weighing scale that can be moved between hospital wards or care home rooms, either by using the carry handles on each pad, the optional carry case, or with the optional trolley.

The M-950 Bed Weighing Scale pads are low profile, making this a bed weighing system suitable for almost any bed.

Each M-950 Bed Weighing Scale comes with four weighing pads and an indicator.


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