Fluke 451B-DE-SI

Fluke 451B-DE-SI

Ion chamber measuring device with Beta Slide
Item no.
546-3355334 (451EXL 451 EXECUTION ASSISTANT)

The 451B ion chamber meter is a battery-operated hand-held meter designed for use in harsh and normal environments. The 451B-DE-SI is ideal for room monitoring to ensure the safety of radiation safety officers.
The movable beta shield allows measurement of low dose equivalents (H* (10)) and flat dose equivalents (H* (0.07)) Exposure as defined by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the International Commission on Radiation Units & Measurements.
The 451B automatically detects and measures the radiation rate and accumulated dose from various radiation sources (alpha, beta, x-ray, gamma). The ion chamber detector enables a fast reaction time to the radiation of leaks, scattered rays and pinholes. In addition, the low-noise chamber bias voltage supply ensures a fast background reduction time.

The digital display has an analogue bar graph, 2.5 digit display, battery indicator, freeze mode indicator and automatic backlight. The control elements consist of an ON/OFF button and a MODE button. The housing consists of light, high-strength materials and is sealed against moisture.
The RS-232 interface can be connected directly to a computer to extend the functionality of the instrument with the Excel add-in for Windows (451EXL). This software allows data retrieval, selection of user parameters and provides a virtual instrument display with audible (requires sound card) and visual alarm indication.

Main features
  • High sensitivity measurement of power and dose at the same time, with the possibility of peak power recording
  • Automatic range and automatic zero setting
  • RS-232 communication interface with optional Windows-based Excel add-in for data logging
  • Ergonomic, fatigue-free handle with interchangeable handle, wrist strap and tripod holder
  • Programmable flashing LCD display and audible alarm
  • Easily accessible battery door (powered by 2 9-volt alkaline batteries) on the outside of the lower housing
  • Available with dose equivalent energy response (SI units)

Tested. Meets applicable standards


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