Fluke 451P / 451P-DE-SI

Fluke 451P / 451P-DE-SI

Pressurized μR Ion Chamber Radiation Survey Meter
Item no.
546-3355334 (451EXL 451 ASSISTANT FOR EXCEL)

The 451P features a pressure ion chamber with automatic range and increased sensitivity (µR resolution) and improved energy response for measuring the radiation rate and dose of X-ray and gamma radiation sources. Originally designed for leakage and scatter measurement in diagnostic X-ray and radiotherapy equipment, the 451P's measurement capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of end users including X-ray equipment manufacturers, government agencies, government inspectors, biomedical technicians and airport baggage scanner maintenance technicians.

The ion chamber detector enables a fast reaction time to the radiation of leaks, scattered rays and pinholes. In addition, the low-noise bias voltage supply of the chamber ensures a fast settling time in the background.

The digital display features an analogue bar graph, 2.5 digit digital display, low battery and standby mode ("peak hold"), and automatic backlight. The control elements consist of an ON/OFF button and a MODE button. The housing consists of light, high-strength materials and is sealed against moisture. The RS-232 interface can be connected directly to a computer to use the Excel add-in for Windows (451EXL). This software allows data retrieval, selection of user parameters and provides a virtual instrument display with audible (requires sound card) and visual alarm indication.

Main features
  • Highly sensitive µR measurements of rate and dose simultaneously, with the ability to record peak rate
  • Ergonomic, fatigue-free handle with interchangeable handle, wrist strap and tripod holder
  • Programmable flashing LCD display and audible alarm
  • Easily accessible battery door (powered by 2 9-volt alkaline batteries) on the outside of the lower housing
  • RS-232 communication interface with optional Windows-based Excel add-in for data logging
  • Available with dose equivalent energy response (SI units)

Tested. Meets applicable standards

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