Fluke BP Pump 2

Fluke BP Pump 2

Non-invasive blood pressure simulator
Item no.
546-2394958 (BP Pump 2L)
546-2395032 (BP Pump 2M)

BP Pump 2 enables dynamic blood pressure simulation for testing NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) monitoring systems for adults and children, including arm and wrist cuff testing.

In BP Pump 2, a variety of simulation functions for different patient conditions are implemented and the user can enter user-specific patient conditions. It is also possible to measure static pressure, generate overpressure and test overpressure valves.

BP Pump 2 is available in two versions: BP Pump 2 M has a high-precision pressure transducer so that measurements can be carried out according to EN1060-3; the BP Pump 2 L has a standard transducer implemented. A 5 ECG derivation simulation function is a matter of course.


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