Getemed Vitalmonitor VitaGuard 3100

Getemed Vitalmonitor VitaGuard 3100

Vital signs monitor
Item no.
112-73112013 (RD set)
112-73112014 (LNCS)

The VitaGuard® VG 3100 is the most versatile of the VitaGuard® monitors. It monitors crucial vital functions in children, adolescents and adults.  This gives physicians, medical caregivers and patient caregivers security, both in outpatient and inpatient use of the monitor.

  • Monitoring: Oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration
  • Operating time with battery/rechargeable battery: min. 8 hours
  • Display: LCD graphic display, 5 LEDs
  • Alarm signal: acoustic and optical
  • Memory types: QRS amplitude indicator, base impedance
  • Memory types: Event, long-term, trend, compliance
  • Data transmission: USB
  • Data evaluation with the evaluation software VitaWin®

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