Sonicaid freedom telemetry system

Sonicaid freedom telemetry system

Wireless foetal monitoring system
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The Sonicaid Freedom's wireless sensors offer maximum flexibility in the choice of mother and child monitoring. The system consists of an ultrasound sensor for measuring the foetal heart rate, a contraction sensor (Toco) and a receiver unit. Sonicaid Freedom is designed for use with Sonicaid foetal monitors (CTG) TEAM 3 and FM800 Encore. The waterproof, wireless sensors allow continuous monitoring of the baby even while the mother is bathing, showering or moving and also offer the greatest possible freedom in the choice of birth position.

‍No cable between mother and CTG monitor

Gives the mother maximum freedom of movement both in bed and when sitting and walking.

Ergonomic and comfortable

Comfortable and easy to use sensors provide optimal comfort for the mother.


The waterproof sensors ensure safe and convenient monitoring of water births and enable easy cleaning and disinfection.

‍Easy to use

The tangle of cables and the insecurity when inserting the sensor cables into the monitor are eliminated for both the clinical staff and the mother.

‍Improves the birth experience

More freedom for the mother to choose a more comfortable position during childbirth will greatly enhance the positive experience of childbirth.

‍Delivers continuous information

The longer battery life of this new system provides up to 16 hours of continuous operation. The displays both on the receiver unit and on the sensors provide information about the battery charge status and the signal transmission at all times.

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