Ultrasonic nebuliser micro

Ultrasonic nebuliser micro

Powerful & easy to use
Item no.
635-M802 (mobile)
635-M800 (table-top version)

Due to their simple and silent operation, the devices of the micro series are also particularly suitable for private use.
The high operational reliability through automatic frequency adjustment and electronic dry-running protection make micro an easy-to-handle product. The amount of air and the intensity can be infinitely adjusted at any time. The self-regulating follow-up system allows the connection of storage bottles up to 2 litres. The use of closed sterile water systems is simple and possible without modification. All parts to be cleaned can be easily removed using a plug-in system.


The ultrasonic nebuliser micro converts electrical energy into mechanical vibrations with a frequency of 1.7 MHz. These particularly fast oscillations cause even the smallest particles of the inhalation liquid to detach. This is the only way to ensure that the active substance particles dissolved in the aerosol are small enough to enter the respiratory tract and bronchioles, including the alveoli, during inhalation. In addition to medicinal aerosol therapy, micro also serves to effectively prevent and treat respiratory diseases and to pleasantly moisten the tracheal and bronchial mucosa. Medications in very small quantities of 3–30 ml are completely nebulised except for a small residual quantity. Accessories such as mouthpiece and mask support the targeted therapy.


By using disposable items such as the exchangeable room air filter and the bacteria filter for the carrier air, micro meets the highest hygiene requirements. All parts in contact with the patient and the aerosol can be sterilised or disinfected.

Warm inhalation

The ultrasonic nebulisers of the micro series are also available with a connection for a hose heater. Two variants of hose heating are available:

  • Heating cable – The heating cable consists of an adapter with a cast-in heating cable and connection cable with plug and is simply inserted into the normal aerosol hose.
  • Heating hose – The heating hose developed by us is simply used instead of the normal aerosol hose and generates a pleasant temperature of 37° C, which is particularly gentle on the active substance. Due to its simple handling, the heating hose is the more user-friendly variant. Both systems are fully sterilisable and thus meet the highest hygiene requirements.

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