Ameda Lactaline Una™

Ameda Lactaline Una™

The world's smallest electric single breast milk pump for optimum mobility.
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The latest addition to the Ameda® product range, with familiar features such as CustomControl™ and Airlock Protection™*. Perfect for mothers who prefer a single pump.

  • With the Ameda silicone bellows technology*.
  • Can be used with all Ameda pump sets.
  • Battery and mains operation possible.
  • Easy to use, simple to clean and quiet.
  • Practical accessories such as rucksack and handbag with separate cooling bag and car cable. Offers optimum mobility. Recommended by midwives, breastfeeding consultants and mothers.

*Pump set with integrated, patented silicone bellows, which forms a barrier and thus prevents contamination of the pump and breast milk with viruses and bacteria (FDA approved). Neither the tube nor the pump need to be cleaned.

Customcontrol™: Individually adjustable suction and speed indicators allow each mother to select her ideal pump settings for maximum milk output each time.

Airlock Protection (Return flow protection)™*: Lactaline Una™ uses the Ameda pump set to prevent air flow between the pumped milk and the pump tubing.

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