Atom Neo Cot

Atom Neo Cot

Neo baby cot
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Neo Cot is designed for safety and contributes to Kangaroo Care. The transparent cot is lockable so that there is no danger of falling. Neo Cot can be easily stowed away when not in use, which is ideal for space-saving management.

The four-wheel roller locking device can be locked in any direction so that the caregiver can easily change the diapers. Smooth mattress rocker arm at the front for special attention to the infant. Various peripheral devices can be connected to the I.V. pole (optional) so that the personnel can operate the devices immediately.

  • Transparent cot can be locked at four points for safety
  • Mattress rocker arm
  • Space-saving design, Roller locking from any direction
  • Increased operational efficiency for personnel
  • Supports plenty of storage space and connection of peripherals
  • Available with fixed or height adjustable stand
  • Optional drawer
  • Optional basket
  • Optional I.V. pole
  • Optional bottle holder

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