Natus Echo-Screen® III

Natus Echo-Screen® III

The next generation of automated ALL-IN-ONE hearing screens
Item no.
028-013500 (Version: TEOAE with barcode)
028-013510 (Version: TEOAE without barcode)
  • Compact, portable multi-modality hearing screens for hand-held applications
  • Contains TEOAE, DPOAE and ABR capabilities
  • Clinically proven algorithms
  • Compatible with Natus Flexicouplers®, Jelly TabsTM. and ear tips
Multiple screening configurations. A compact device.

The new hearing screener Echo-Screen III combines advanced functions that were previously not available in a single device: This versatile system uses the same reliable and proven algorithms with automated, pre-set screening parameters used in millions of screenings.
Available in any combination of modalities - TEOAE, DPOAE and ABR - the Echo-Screen III provides all the screening tools you need.
The modalities can be expanded on-site in no time at all if you decide to expand your options at a later date.

Flexible data capture, advanced input capabilities and seamless data management

The Echo-Screen III has both a fixed-key QWERTZ keyboard and a touch screen so that you can enter data as you wish.
Integration with audble® LITE data management software enables configurable, comprehensive data management with tight integration with Microsoft Word® for individual letters and reports, while Conflict Resolution helps identify and correct data entry errors.

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