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Oxygen mixer/blender
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The low flow and high flow oxygen mixers/blenders Quality Mix LF and Quality Mix HF, are characterised by particularly simple operation and high FiO2 accuracy. The bleed flow can be turned off for noise reduction, which is particularly advantageous in children's and neonatal intensive care units. With the Low Flow and High Flow oxygen mixers/blenders 2 flow meters can be operated simultaneously, e.g. 0-3 l/min. and 0-16 l/min.

Oxygen mixer of the new generation

Each oxygen mixer needs a «bleed» to ensure accurate oxygen concentration at low flow rates below 3 LPM. However, over 3 LPM this is not needed, consumes oxygen unnecessarily and causes noises! With the bleed function that can be switched on and off, "you" decide whether it is needed or not. This is also important for mobile REA units with bottle supply! Due to its modular design, the Low Flow mixer grows with the requirements and is therefore freely configurable from a large selection of flow meters!

  • whether as a basic model with one flow meter
  • or with two flow meters
  • also an oxygen monitor for supervising the patient oxygenation can be added in a modular way!
  • Equipped with our Blender-Buddy there are enough possibilities for the whole paediatrics department available!

In locations with strongly deviating pressure between the gas supply lines, we compensate for this with a switchable pressure module!

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