Smartsigns Compact 1000 - no longer available

Smartsigns Compact 1000 - no longer available

Modular patient monitor
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The flexibility of the smartsigns® Compact 1000 series allows hospital physicians to perform extensive invasive and non-invasive measurements. This unique concept makes the smartsigns® series ideal for emergency wards and all hospital departments. The choice from four modules allows users to customise configurations to meet the needs and tasks of any clinical setting.

The basic configuration is equipped with
  • Module 1 ECG (3 or 5 channels) respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature (2 channels)
  • Module 2 Non-invasive blood pressure
  • Module 3 Invasive blood pressure (2 channels)
  • Module 4 Capnography

Users can expand their monitors at any time by simply adding a module to their existing configuration to improve the functionality of their devices. The coloured curves and the simple screen layout allow the patient’s condition to be read from a certain distance. The smartsigns® Compact 1000 series can be operated with a mains connection or with a built-in high-performance rechargeable battery.


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