Intraoperative probe

Intraoperative probe

Resterilisable 8 MHz surgical Doppler probe
Item no.
495-IPP3 (set à 3 IOP8 probes)
495-PA8-HG (for standard Doppler)
495-PA8-XS (for DMX)
Resterilisable 8 MHz surgical Doppler probe

By confirming blood flow before occlusion, time and cost of a potential 2nd surgery can be saved. In addition, the risk of prolonged ischemic time is significantly reduced. The probe can also be used to locate small vessels in skin flaps and during cosmetic surgery.

  • Sterilisable by autoclaving, ethylene oxide or with Steris System 1.
  • Visualisation of blood flow as printout*.
  • Operation for reliable blood flow detection in native vessels and some vascular prostheses.
  • Easy operation - special electronic adapter against diathermy interference with connection to any Vascular Dopplex Advanced Pocket Doppler.
  • A special, easy-to-clean connection system.
  • Print/Save* bi-directional blood flow curves (with DMX/DR5)

* Depending on the Dopplex system used.

The easy-to-clean probes were developed in close cooperation with leading surgeons and meet the highest standards of quality, ease of use and value for money. A special, easy-to-clean connection system guarantees problem-free connection to the probe adapter and with the Superflex cable there is no knotting or tangling during use. The probes are available in a variety of package sizes.

  • A starter pack with 3 probes, adapter and clamp connection.
  • A starter pack with a Doppler.
  • Additional probes are available in packs of 3.

«Although I can understand the economic limitations of many hospitals, there is no doubt that a re-operation due to a closed vascular prosthesis or worse, an amputation will cost much more than a few probes and a Doppler device.»
M. Lewis, Great Britain

«The intraoperative probe guarantees good infection control since no standard probe has to be inserted into a glove anymore, bringing Doppler and cable into the sterile area.»
S. Shiralkar, Great Britain

«If one wanted to hear the quality of the Doppler signal from a pocket Doppler probe, a standard probe had to be inserted into a sterile glove full of gel. This was not only annoying and a bit of a "mess", but there was always the danger of making the operating field unsterile with the cable. The intraoperative probes are reliable and robust, contamination of the sterile field is virtually impossible.»
R. Salaman, Great Britain

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