Natus neoBLUE® compact

Natus neoBLUE® compact

LED phototherapy system
Item no.
028-019012 (neoBLUE® compact with arm)

The neoBLUE® compact combines the advantages of blue LED technology with the demand for compact, space-saving systems. In addition to normal treatment light, the system offers two intensity levels (ex works 15uW/cm2/nm & 35uW/cm2/nm), suction feet for mounting above an incubator and a treatment hour counter.

Highest efficacy in the degradation of bilirubin

Whether in intensive care for premature babies or in integrated neonatal care - with the neoBLUE® compact you make no compromises in the treatment of your little ones. Although the irradiation field (at 35 cm) is only approx. 29 x 25 cm, the new neoBLUE® compact is so effective that the latest AAP guideline for intensive phototherapy (30 – 35 μW/cm /nm) is implemented. The blue LED deliver over 40,000 hours of constant intensity with a radiation spectrum of 450 - 475 nm at the high intensity level. The optimal wavelength for the degradation of bilirubin is 458 nm and is thus covered.

Safety for the benefit of your little ones

The radiation of the neoBLUE® compact does not contain a significant amount of infrared (IR) radiation, which is responsible for heating and thus for transdermal water loss. In addition, the radiation spectrum does not contain a significant amount of ultraviolet (UV) light. A potential risk of skin damage is thus prevented. The neoBLUE® compact can be placed very close to the child without any safety risk.

Flexible and versatile in use

The neoBLUE® compact optionally includes a flexible arm, which can be fixed individually with its claw holder. Whether at the incubator, the resuscitation unit, the warming bed or simply at the infusion stand or roller stand. The total weight of the system (lamp + arm) is only 3.0kg. With this system you can work in all areas where phototherapy is needed. If necessary, several systems can be applied to one patient when irradiating larger areas.

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