Reanimation unit Atom (InfaWarmer i)

Reanimation unit Atom (InfaWarmer i)

Now available with touch screen!
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With its extensive functions and equipment options, this supply unit of the latest generation meets all requirements from the delivery room to the Neo-IPS.

Resuscitation system with oxygen mixing unit (additional unit)
The oxygen mixing unit and the manometer are built into the system.

With LED lighting, medical staff can clearly observe the child's skin colour. The LED light reaches the child directly, even when the cover is tilted.

X-ray cassette slot

The cassette can be used without touching the newborn, which reduces the stress load.

Disposable insert to prevent cross-infections

The suction container is hygienically clean at all times due to the use of a disposable insert.
Pressure distribution mattress for a stable and comfortable resting and sleeping area
The pressure distribution mattress reduces the stress load on the child by minimising the amount of bedsores.

Safety feature

Thanks to the rotary dampers, the side windows can be opened very quietly without contact.

Resuscitation unit (additional unit)

The resuscitation unit ensures safe resuscitation.

The pulse oximeter is available on request (additional unit)

The pulse oximeter makes oxygen administration simple and safe.

CPR timer

Determine the time to assess the newborn's health every 30 seconds. With the practical preheating function, the lying surface can be preheated in case of an emergency. Postnatal care can be given on the preheated warm lying surface.

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