Natus biliband™

Natus biliband™

Safe eye protection during phototherapy
Item no.
028-900642 (head circumference 33–38cm Regular (20 pcs./SU))
028-900643 (head circumference 28-33cm Premature (20 pcs./SU))
028-900644 (head circumference 23-28cm Micro (20 pcs./SU))

Everyone who looks after children during phototherapy knows the situation: a restless child and the eye protection is constantly slipping. Finally there is the solution! The unique Y-design of the retaining straps ensures that the premium eye protection fits the child's head permanently, securely and comfortably. The patented soft material of the head straps allows easy adjustment and adapts to any head shape. The head straps can be individually adjusted with a Velcro fastener and do not require adhesive dots on the child's head. The light-tight eye protection is firmly connected with light-transmissive retaining straps. All components of bilibandes™ are latex-free.

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