Natus MiniMuffs®

Natus MiniMuffs®

Hearing protection for premature and newborn babies
Item no.
028-040341 (VE36 pair/sealed as pairs)

Studies have shown that noises, such as closing the openings at the incubator, can cause a noise level of 120–135 db, which corresponds to the volume of a rock concert. With very few interruptions the foetus oversleeps approx. 80% of its time deeply.
The well-being of premature babies and newborns is permanently disturbed by noise and unusual sounds. The clinical daily routine with all its noises and interventions deprives the premature baby of the opportunity to sleep deeply. However, this is a prerequisite for fast and healthy growth! In addition, it has long been intensively discussed whether loud acoustic influences are not responsible for behavioural abnormalities and hearing damage.

In intensive care, during examinations, during transport. Reduction of noise emissions by at least 7dB (corresponds to a reduction in audible volume of approx. 50%). Perfect hygiene through Single Patient - Multi Use

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