Sonicaid BD4000XS

Sonicaid BD4000XS

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Sonicaid BD4000xs offers the ability to update to twin monitoring by simply purchasing another US probe. Sonicaid BD4000xs provides precise foetal monitoring by allowing foetal heart rate and contractions to be quickly and safely derived. The clear sound is reproduced either via headphones or the built-in loudspeaker. A user-friendly data display, the unique hand switch for event marking and various documentation options with the built-in thermal printer round off the performance spectrum of this compact CTG device.

  • Twin monitoring as standard function
  • Special function for printing foetal heart rate in twin pregnancies on a scale of 1:1
  • User-configurable tachycardia or bradycardia alarms, contact loss and cross-channel frequency checking for twins
  • Interface for connection to the hospital EDP and a vital signs monitor
  • User-configurable option to add notes to curves
  • Automatic recording of child movements
  • Intuitive user interface and controls simplify the input of data
  • Event marking of the maternal recorded child movements
  • FECG and IUP upgrade options


Aquasonic Gel – Large 

(Order code: 495-ACC3)
Box of 12 x 250ml.

Aquasonic Gel – Large refill

(Order code: 495-ACC-1300-0154)
5ltr container.

Aquasonic Gel – Small

(Order code: 495-ACC24)
Box of 12 x 60ml tubes.

Aquasonic Sterile Gel Sachets
(Order code: 495-ACC-1300-0145)
Packs of 48.

Carrying Case – BD4000
(Order code: 495-ACC30)

Contractions Tdr – BD4000
(Order code: 495-CT1)

Contractions Tdr – BD4000 (long)
(Order code: 495-CT1L)
3m cable.

ECG Belt – Assist/BD4000
(Order code: 495-ACC71)
Pack of 20.

Event Marker – BD4000
(Order code: 495-EM1)
Long 3m cable version available - Order code: 495-HU-EM1L.

Paper – BD4000

(Order code: 495-ACC15)
Plain paper pack.

Paper – BD4000 (Twins

(Order code: 495-ACC66)
Twins paper pack.

Trolley – BD4000

(Order code: 495-ACC-OBS-004)
Mobile trolley for BD4000, (assembled).

U/S Contractions Tdr Belt – Assist/BD4000 (PreCut)
(Order code: 495-ACC7)
Pre-cut lengths, 1.5m pack of 20.

U/S Contractions Tdr Belt – Assist/BD4000 (Roll)

(Order code: 495-ACC6)
2 x 50m roll.

Ultrasound Transducer – BD4000

(Order code: 495-US1)

Ultrasound Transducer – BD4000 (long)
(Order code: 495-US1L)

Wall Bracket - BD4000

(Order code: 495-ACC31)

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