Ultrasound Doppler – Sonicaid D920 / D930

Ultrasound Doppler – Sonicaid D920 / D930

Audio-only Doppler
Item no.
495-D920 (Waterproof 2MHz probe)
495-D930 (Waterproof 3MHz probe)

With this audio Doppler the simple handling is in the foreground. Its highly sensitive probe reproduces clear foetal heart sounds, allowing the user to quickly locate the foetal heart.

  • Highly sensitive ultrasound for improved user comfort
  • Waterproof 2MHz probe (D920) suitable for use in underwater births
  • Waterproof 3MHz probe (D930) suitable for the application of early foetal detection
  • Battery display
  • Easy-to-clean probe for improved infection control
  • Belt clip and lanyard (optional) for simplified handling

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