Ultrasound Doppler – Sonicaid SR2/SR3

Ultrasound Doppler – Sonicaid SR2/SR3

The Sonicaid digital hand-held Doppler – sound and display in a new dimension
Item no.
495-SR2 (with waterproof 2MHz probe)
495-SR3 (with waterproof 3MHz probe)

The SR2 and SR3 are very versatile Dopplers for obstetrics and offer with the high-resolution colour display, the foetal heart rate or a curve display an additional advantage. The powerful probe enables reliable recording from early pregnancy to delivery, even in obese patients.

  • High-resolution heart rate/curve display
  • Switchable display between heart rate or curve display
  • Internal memory (SD card)
  • Micro-USB connection for data transmission/charging connection
  • Stereo headphone jack
  • Highly sensitive ultrasonic probes
  • Digital sound processor, reduces ambient noise and noise when applying gel
  • SR2 (waterproof 2MHz ultrasonic probe)/SR3 (waterproof 3MHz ultrasonic probe)

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