Mindray Consona N9 ultrasound system

Mindray Consona N9 ultrasound system

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750-Consona N9

Consona N9 from Mindray features new and concrete solutions, that efficiently help you to carry out smooth diagnoses for extensive types of patients. No matter your routine is inhospitals, clinics, or you are honing skills in General Imaging applications, you will find highly powerful and tools available on this series to keep you stay ahead.

Excellent Image Platform
TheZST+ platform (ZONE Sonography® Technology) is a revolutionary ultrasound innovation, that transforms ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data-based processing. It overcomes the traditional trade-off limitations among spatial resolution, temporal resolution and tissue uniformity, delivering exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements.

Comprehensive imaging tools
• iTouch real-time dynamic image optimization
• iNeedle - advanced needle visualizationtechnology
• Smart HRI - automatic recognition ofliver and renal cortex and brightness ration calculation
• Smart Bladder - automatic measurement of 3 diameters and bladder volume calculation
• Smart Hip - automatic angle measurementof hip joint for Graf classification
• Smart B-line - automatic and rapid assessment of pulmonary edema
• Smart Calc - automatic trace, measurement and caluculation tool
• Smart Breast - BI-RADS analysis and efficient workflow
• Smart Thyroid - TI-RADS analysis and efficient workflow

Ergonomic design that boosts your daily work efficiency
• 23.8” FHD monitor
• Up to 15.6” touch screen
• Rotatable control panel
• Dual-wing floating arm
• Adjustable height
• Water and dust proof panel
• on-board storage
• Built-in battery
• Noise reduced design
• Ease-of-transportation
supported by the iScanHelper scanning, the iWorks standardized protocol and the Smart Vue automatic plane restoring tool

Transducer family
• Wide range of single crystal and combowave transducers, providing a deep penetration and enhanced image sensitivity across a wide range of clinical applications

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