Mindray TE9 ultrasound system

Mindray TE9 ultrasound system

Expanded vision, unlimited possibilities
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The TE9 ultrasound system from Mindray is designed to flexibly expand imaging capabilities across a range of different environments, in particular POC, anaesthesia, emergency, and critical care.
A large clear touch screen, superior imaging and intelligent diagnostic tools allow the TE9 to support clinical efficiency and diagnostic confidence in high acuity settings. When part of aconnected workflow, the TE9 represents a future-proof point-of-care ultrasound solution that can be deployed quickly and reliably – supporting clear andreproduceable results.

Extensive Imaging Tool
• SmartVTI - Automatic Velocity Time Integral (VTI) and Cardiac Output (CO)measurements to enable rapid cardiac function assessment
• SmartIVC – automatic measurement helping to assess volume status and guiding fluid management
• SmartB-Line - rapid assessment of lung tissue with automatic counting of  number/percentage of B-Lines for intuitiveoverall lung water evaluation
• SmartFHRO OB1 - fetal heart rate measure for safe and efficient evaluation of the fetal heart conditions

Specific Anaesthesia and Perioperative Solutions
• eSpacial Navi™ - 4Dmagnetic needle navigation technology
• iNeedle - advanced needle visualization technology
• AutoGA -gastric function evaluation technology

Exceptional design for an extraordinay experience
• 21.5”high-definition touch screen
• 3 transducer ports for different exam types
• Built-inbattery for up 2 hrs continuous scanning
• Wi-Fi enabled
• Dedicated cable management to avoid transducer damage
• Retractable cord to reduce tripping hazards and contamination
• iVocal voice command
• Comprehensive disinfection capabilities
• Seamless connectivity

Transducer family
• Broad range of specialized POC transducers, including an all-in-one transducer for needle guided procedures

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