Mindray TE7 - ACE - ultrasound system

Mindray TE7 - ACE - ultrasound system

Multi-Touch Sonographiesystem
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The Pioneer of Point of Care Sonography
Fast and safe pathways to diagnosis are the basis for better patient care. The TE7 ACE creates exemplary visualizations - in emergency medicine, anesthesia and critical care. Mindray's multi-touch sonography system ensures outstanding image quality with each of its transducers.
This is complemented by intelligent functions such as a puncture aid for precise needle guidance. They simplify and optimize everyday clinical work. Thanks to an integrated rechargeable battery, the TE7 ACE can work independently for up to two hours and is highly mobile. It is ready for use at any time and very powerful. Intuitive operation plus easy cleaning and disinfection: these are important features that significantly raise clinical standards and ensure higher quality. Multiple connectivity options make the TE7 ACE an important part of networks that enable effective assistance and facilitate its documentation.

Easy handling
The mobile TE7 ACE consists of a height-adjustable main unit, a gesture-controlled multi-touch screen and numerous extras. These include exemplary cable routing, mounting devices for accessories and the retractable power cable. Its display itself is child's play to clean. The overall handling of the TE7 ACE is so comfortable and easy that working with this small and powerful color Doppler is great fun. Operating the touch screen with latex gloves is also possible. The Mindray TE7 ACE is identical to the TE5 in terms of performance and imaging.

Exemplary equipment
The surface of the TE7 ACE can be cleaned and disinfected in seconds. Fast boot-up in just 3 seconds simplifies and shortens workflows. Contemporary components such as the integrated SSD hard drive with 120 GB of storage space, four USB 3.0 ports and a WLAN adapter round off the exemplary equipment.

Complementary functions
The TE7 ACE has a 15-inch touchscreen display that can be operated unerringly even with latex gloves. Intuitive user guidance and the ergonomic design take the strain off doctors and nursing staff. Complementary functions such as iTouch, iZoom, iNeedle and Smart Track simplify workflows. With the help of iNeedle, the exact position of a needle or the needle tip can be clearly identified. This provides an informed basis for decision-making and minimizes the risk of damaging surrounding tissue. If you have any questions about our equipment options such as iNeedle, iZoom, Smart Track, etc., please contact our office staff. They will be happy to provide you with the contact details of your field service contact.

Smart IVC
Automatic measurement of the VCI (Vena Cava Inferior) parameter, helps to determine the volume status and to initiate and monitor fluid management based on trend curves, especially in intensive care units.

Smart VTI
Automatic calculation of VTI (Velocity Time Integral), SV (stroke volume) and HZV (cardiac output) for rapid assessment of volume reactivity to monitor volume status on the patient based on trend curves.

Smart B-Lines
Automatic quantification of B-lines according to the BLUE protocol, management of fluid infusion, prevention of pulmonary edema and monitoring of pulmonary function.

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