Mindray Resona R9 ultrasound system

Mindray Resona R9 ultrasound system

A new dimension in precison ultrasound
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Excellent Imaging Platform
With its revolutionary ZST+(ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona R9 from Mindray elevates clinical intelligence to a higher level with a complete solution. If precise diagnostics and ultrasound therapy are the goal, Resona R9 is your key to a new dimension, as this ultrasound system delivers a new standard in image sharpness for an exciting range of clinical requirements.

Advanced imaging tools for confident diagnosis and clinical research, such as:
• HiFR CEUS - high-resolution contrast enhanced ultrasound
• High frame rate STE - for confident tissue stiffness diagnosis and motion detection by adding CT/MRI findings
• uHIT - for confident 3D ablation
• iFusion - for accurate tumor localization and biopsy
• V Flow (Vector Flow) - for vascular hemodynamic analyses
• UMA (Ultra Micro Angiography) - for ultra-high spatial resolution and flow sensitivity in subtle and slow flow imaging

Intelligent tools for more efficiency and accuracy
• Smart Breast - for increased accuracy and productivity ofroutine breast scanning
• Smart HRI - for intelligent liver steatosis assessment
as well as
• multi-parametric assessment solutions for liver, breast and thyroid imaging to provide you with more clinical advantages

Ergonomic design that boosts your daily work efficiency
• High-resolution LED monitor with wide angle of view
• 13.3”high resolution, gesture controlled anti-glare LCD touch screen
• Six directional floating control panel
• 5 transducer ports
• Silent scan with up to 44% less noise exposure
• Stand-by battery mode for up to 24 hours

Transducer family
• Wide clinical application coverage

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