Ansur 3.0 Software

Ansur 3.0 Software

Software for controlling Fluke test equipment
Item no.
546-* (*depending on plug-in - see data sheet)

With Ansur several devices can be tested simultaneously. Pass or fail results can be determined automatically using test limits for compliance with safety standards and hospital-specific QA protocols.

Main features
  • Create and manage user-specific audit trails electronically so you don't have to rely on paper
  • Users are guided step-by-step through the testing process, resulting in standardised testing procedures and minimal training required
  • Generates a test report (PDF or MTRA) according to the requirements, including the amount of data required to meet the respective requirements
  • Enables the use of individual illustrations, drawings and graphics, thus high user-friendliness
  • Automatic pass/fail evaluation based on test limits set by global standards or institutions
  • Complies with 21CFR, Part 11. Users can create their own signature and sign templates and results. (This function can be deactivated.)
  • Stores the entire version-controlled test report and data in electronic form
  • Authorisation levels can be assigned to manage access to the software. The authorisation levels User, Author and Administrator are available for selection (this function can be deactivated).
  • Shorter inspection time per medical device, simultaneous inspection of several devices, performs several inspections in connection with preventive maintenance during a single run
  • Easy data traceability through electronic archiving and printing of detailed data records
  • Uniform test sequences and test times, therefore and in connection with user-friendly and adaptable test templates, the effort for using the software can be planned
  • Data extraction enables trend display, analysis and report generation.

A test version of every available plug-in can be downloaded here.
Full function, except print and save!

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