ECG adapter box EAB11

ECG adapter box EAB11

Check the ECG leakage currents for suction electrodes
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The EAB 11 adapter box is designed for quick and easy checking of leakage currents in ECG suction electrode systems. The handy EAB11 is not subject to any maintenance or calibration and requires no power supply. The ECG suction electrodes are simply placed on the V2A plates and the patient outlets on the upper side of the EAB 11 are connected to the numerically coded sockets of the safety analyser.

The attached suction electrodes can be fixed with the supplied Velcro grid. Now the leakage current measurements can be carried out. Furthermore, the EAB 11 has a flange-mounted precision manometer with which the vacuum of the suction electrodes can be measured.

Product features
  • Easy handling, pocket-sized adapter box for connection of up to 10 ECG suction electrodes
  • Numerically coded connections analogue to the patient application sockets of all electrical safety analysers such as ESA620 for measuring patient leakage currents
  • Universal 4 mm banana sockets
  • Adapter plates made of V2A stainless steel, polished
  • No maintenance required
  • Adapter for use of patient simulators in ECG suction electrode systems
  • Plastic housing (D x W x H = 191 x 135 x 45mm, weight: approx. 250 g)

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