Fluke ProSim 6/8

Fluke ProSim 6/8

Vital signs simulator
Item no.
546-3979411 (ProSim 8)
546-3985658 (SpO2 module)

The ProSim 8 8-in-1 vital signs simulator allows you to quickly and comprehensively check your entire patient monitor inventory as part of preventive maintenance.

The multifunction simulator, which only takes a few minutes to test a device, tests ECG (including foetal ECG and arrhythmias), respiration, temperature, IBD, cardiac output/catheterisation, NIBD and SpO2 and can simulate multi-wavelength rainbow curves. With special ECG connections for safe cable connections, physiologically synchronised pulses in all parameters as well as adjustable patient pre-settings and automatic sequences, the ProSim 8 patient simulator enables particularly fast and easy complete testing of monitors.

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