Fluke ESA 615

Fluke ESA 615

The electrical safety analyser with integrated automation!
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Portable, lightweight and suitable for use in confined spaces, the new ESA615 offers the functions of a simulator, multimeter and electrical safety analyser in a single instrument.

ESA615 electrical safety analyser combines fast and easy automated testing in a portable tester for experts who test the electrical safety of medical technologies both in the field and within facilities. Whether it is a simple test or an extensive analysis, the ESA615 can do both. This versatile device performs all primary electrical safety tests, including mains voltage, ground resistance (protective ground), insulation resistance, device current and patient exposure tests. It also features ECG simulation and point-to-point voltage, leakage current and resistance testing. It is versatile for the global electrical safety standards of your choice, from ESA615 testing to ANSI/AAMI ES1, NFPA-99, IEC62353 (VDE751) IEC60601-1 (2nd and 3rd edition) and AS/NZS 3551. ESA615 is a complete solution combined in one test device with a multimeter, safety tester and ECG simulator.

Important features
  • Integrated automation with automated test sequences for rapid testing and easy compliance with key general electrical safety standards (ANSI/AAMI ES1 (NFPA-99), IEC62353 (VDE751), IEC60601-1 (2nd and 3rd editions and AS/NZS 3551)
  • Portable, ergonomic design with integrated handle and folding foot
  • Interface adapted to human factors for more rational testing
  • ECG waveform tests and 2-channel measurements combine the functionality of a simulator, multimeter and safety analyser in a single test device
  • Currents up to 20 A at 120 V
  • Five sockets for application parts and simple ECG snap connection; optional expansion box for testing
  • ECGs with up to 12 outlets
  • Easy data entry via barcode scanner, external keyboard or integrated keypad
  • Wireless communication plus removable memory card for quick and convenient data storage and exchange
  • Replaceable mains fuses keep your device in operation and away from the repair workshop
  • Customer-specific language selection for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese
  • Large, easy to read display with adjustable contrast
  • Optional Ansur automation software with fully integrated medical device testing, including electrical safety, visual inspection and other performance parameters, for fully digital data management. Connection to other test devices automated with Ansur for a harmonised workflow and reporting.
  • Strict testing for rugged field applications, CE and CSA certification in addition to Fluke's proven quality - insensitivity for long-term reliability

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