Fluke IDA-1S

Fluke IDA-1S

Portable, battery-powered infusion analyser
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IDA-1S is a battery-operated portable instrument that can be used to check the performance of infusion devices in the shortest possible time. With a net weight of less than 1.3Kg, the analyser is ideal for fast and reliable one-channel measurement on the move.

IDA-1S is suitable for simple test measurements of infusion devices such as flow rate and flow rate. The device can also be used to measure the pressure caused by closures or blockages in the liquid channel. IDA-1S is equipped with integrated hydrograph software and can be used to test a variety of infusion pumps.

IDA-1S was developed using sophisticated measurement technology trusted by biomedical experts from around the world. In addition, the device is easy to install, easy to use and the integrated data memory allows immediate storage of test results. It is battery powered, can last 10 hours of continuous operation and is therefore ideal for test measurements on the move. The auto-start function simplifies the execution of syringe pump tests and other tests that require a longer start-up time.

Product features
  • Portable and ultra light (1.225kg)
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours continuous operation
  • Simple operation thanks to LCD touch screen
  • Average and instantaneous flow measurement
  • Pressure measurements (occlusion) up to 45 psi (approx. 3,102mbar)
  • Maximised accuracy, with auto-start mode.
  • Enables measurement to be started after the smallest detected flow quantity.
  • Applicable with a variety of infusion and syringe pumps
  • With a sophisticated and worldwide trusted measuring technology
  • Integrated memory function
  • Hydrograph software for controlling and storing tests

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