Fluke Impulse 6000D / 7000DP

Fluke Impulse 6000D / 7000DP

Defibrillator tester/+Tester for transcutaneous pacemakers
Item no.
546-3077005 (Impulse7000DP)
546-3077031 (Impulse6000D)

The Impulse 6000D defibrillator tester and the Impulse 7000DP defibrillator tester/tester for transcutaneous pacemakers are rugged, portable precision testers that ensure the smooth operation and best possible performance of critical life support and cardiological resuscitation equipment.

The Impulse 6000D and the Impulse 7000DP can be used to test the full range of pulse shapes commonly used worldwide. In addition, they support leading AED technology and stand out for accuracy and standards compliance. In addition, the Impulse 7000DP has test functions and a wide range of test loads and measurement algorithms required for testing external transcutaneous pacemakers. Together with a Impulse 7000DP, the Impulse 7010 charge selection accessory for defibrillators offers loads of 25 Ω , 50 Ω , 75 Ω , 100 Ω , 125 Ω , 150 Ω , 175 Ω and 200 Ω for defibrillator performance testing. A standard USB port allows computer control and data transfer, and optional computer software Ansur for automation increases productivity by providing an easy way to standardise test procedures and capture, print and document data.

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