Fluke PS320 - no longer available

Fluke PS320 - no longer available

Foetal simulator
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PS 320 offers comprehensive simulation of a foetal and maternal ECG, as well as uterine activity. It can simulate various foetal parameters, including twin parameters, using monitor modes such as DEKG and ultrasound.

Cardiotocographic or electronic foetal monitoring ("EFM") is a diagnostic tool used to identify a neurological risk of injury or death in a foetus so that timely intervention can be performed.

Product features
  • TOCO and ultrasound simulation (incl. twins)
  • Foetal and maternal ECG
  • Internal (DEKG) and external foetal EKG
  • Uterine activity selection
  • Arrythmia selection
  • Periodic and non-periodic foetal ECG changes
  • Foetal beat-to-beat variability
  • Easy operation with LCD display and front panel keypad

MFH-1 is a mechanical infant heart that can simulate a real infant heart in conjunction with the PS320.


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