OneQA Software

OneQA Software

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OneQA is asoftware platform that enables automated workflows for testing of biomedical devices. Designed as a cloud-connected desktop application, OneQA provides tools to customize and execute test procedures, generate traceable reports, and collaborate effectively within a team and organization. With decades of in-house expertise in healthcare compliance built-in, support for a range of Fluke Biomedical test equipment, and a robust and growing procedure library available out-of-the-box, conducting testing to compliance has never been faster or easier.

OneQA is designed to assist biomedical technicians, medical device manufacturers, and quality specialists conduct preventive maintenance, acceptance testing, and quality assurance testing. With ever-growing numbers of medical devices to build, test, and maintain, OneQA provides a more efficient and sane way of managing a hectic workload, helping you conduct fast and accurate testing, minimize risk, and comply with regulations and accrediting agencies.

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