Fluke ESA 612

Fluke ESA 612

Electrical safety analyser
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Portable, lightweight and suitable for use in confined spaces, the ESA612 offers the functions of a simulator, multimeter and electrical safety analyser in a single instrument.

The electrical safety analyser ESA612 represents the next generation of measuring instruments for biomedical technicians who service medical equipment within your facilities, in clinics and wherever it is required on site. This versatile product has two test loads and can therefore be used worldwide for tests in accordance with various electrical standards:
ANSI/AAMI ES1:1993 (NFPA-99), IEC62353 (VDE 751) and AN/NZS 3551. The versatility of the ESA612 can be further enhanced with optiona automation software, that accelerates and simplifies testing and enables the performance of a high-end instrument after a manageable investment in software. Automation of ESA612 with Ansur software enables standardisation of test procedures, comparison of results with standard limits and creation and storage of reports for comprehensive digital data management.

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