Fluke ESA 620

Fluke ESA 620

The electrical safety analyser ideal for manufacturers
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ESA620 electrical safety analyses can be used to perform safety checks according to various standards, while the ESA620 continues to represent the next generation of portable electrical safety analysers.
With three different load resistances, two protective conductor test currents and two insulation resistance test voltages, this versatile device performs all electrical safety tests as well as several additional leakage current measurements.
Standard 2-wire and optional 4-wire protective earth measurement functions (Kelvin measurement method) provide additional time savings. In addition, DSP technology provides increased accuracy in leakage current measurement within the specified ranges.
Equipped with 10 patient leakage current sockets, the ESA620 also offers the possibility of an ECG patient simulation function.
When the ESA620 is operated with Ansur software, it can automate test procedures, capture results, compare with standard limits, print reports and perform complete digital data management.

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