Fluke IDA-5

Fluke IDA-5

1-4 channel infusion analyser
Item no.
546-4349396 (1-channel)
546-4349482 (2-channel)
546-4349591 (4-channel)

IDA-5 is based on advanced measurement technology that has been trusted by biomedical professionals for over 20 years. IDA-5 is a full-featured device that measures instantaneous flow, mean flow, occlusion flow and dual flow rate based on IEC60601-2-24.

Product features
  • Tests up to four infusion pumps simultaneously
  • Customer-specific test templates for fast and standardised testing
  • Integrated and computer-based automation for complete testing according to IEC60601-2-24 test requirements
  • Compatible with virtually any type of infusion device
  • Real-time snapshots of flow and pressure for immediate problem detection
  • Current and average flow measurement from up to 1500 ml/h
  • Occlusion pressure measurements up to 45 psi
  • Single and double flow tests (piggyback tests) and PCA testing
  • To maximise test accuracy, the auto-start mode allows the instrument to start the test only when liquid is present
  • Automatic termination of data flow measurement on the basis of time, volume or both - user adjustable
  • Convenient and simple data entry via plug-and-play, USB-compatible keyboard or barcode scanner
  • Integrated memory for storing test results for printing or downloading to the computer
  • Optional automation software from Ansur to fully integrate device testing including electrical safety, visual inspection and other performance parameters for complete digital data management

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